Training in CPR and the use of defibrillators for members of the public took place at Weston-Super-Mare Social Club.

The two sessions, on February 14 and 16, were supported by the Great Western Heart Starters and Donate For Defib.

It was well-attended by members of the public and staff from various establishments where defibrillators have recently been installed.

The session on February 14 was led by Carlotta, public education coordinator for Great Western Heart Starters.

While Josh Bell, co-leading partner of the Donate For Defib Weston-Super-Mare Project, managed the February 16 session.

Both of them provided a blend of theory and practice during which participants practised CPR and defibrillator use on a manikin.

It was confirmed by the senior management team of the Donate For Defib Weston-Super-Mare Project that they aim to provide these trainings regularly.

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The aim of the training is: "to provide this training regularly so that in the event of a person suffering a cardiac arrest, members of the public could provide effective CPR and use a defibrillator until the emergency services arrive."

Recognition was also given to Tony Williams, Steward at Weston-super-Mare Social Club, for his contribution to the event.

He offered the function room free of charge and provided the much-needed refreshments.

A spokesperson for Donate For Defib said: "A big thank you to both Carlota and Josh for two successful training days and also a very big thank you to Tony Williams, steward at Weston-super-Mare Social Club".