BURNHAM'S Coastguard team rushed to the local beach over the weekend after receiving reports of a possible ordnance (Saturday, February 24).

The potential ordnance, a military term for items like guns or bombs, was reported the day before, however the team were unable to investigate due to the incoming tide.

The item of concern was eventually located by crew members in one of the puddles next to the rocks by the seawall steps.

It was discovered that the item was in fact a bin lid and that no one was in any danger.

The Coastguard has said that if you see something that may look suspicious, report it and maintain a safe distance.

A Burnham Coastguard Rescue team spokesperson said: "Saturday morning saw the team respond to possible ordnance on Burnham beach.

"It had been reported the previous day but due to the incoming tide it wasn't possible to reach.

"The following day with the tide well out of the way, the team were tasked to find it and investigate further.

"After a short scout around the beach we found the item of concern which was in one of the puddles next to the rocks by the seawall steps.

"We took a few pictures of it for the ops room in Milford Haven but there wasn't much on show to view.

"Using our mud shovels and without disturbing the area a trench was dug to drain the water away from the item.

"Once there was a clearer view we could make out the shape of it a bit better and it soon became apparent that it was the top of a bin washed in from elsewhere.

"With this being confirmed we removed it from the beach and it was disposed of.

"The person who reported it did the right thing as it had the potential to be explosive.

"Ordnance washes in or is uncovered all around the UK shores and can be a danger to those interacting with it.

"If you find something that could be dangerous along the coast, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

"Don't pick it up or move it, stay a safe distance away and report what you have found.

"It's better to be safe than sorry."