FUNDRAISING efforts are underway to help five English Bulldogs who require urgent medical attention worth £10,000.

The dogs, called Lottie, Dotty, Gerri, Rosie and Rio, are suffering from a wide range of issues, including mobility problems and health consequences from overbreeding. Rio's eyes are so sore from Entropion that he can barely keep them open.

The charity organising their help says four of the five dogs were 'dumped together'.

Weston Mercury: The event will take place on March 9.The event will take place on March 9. (Image: Wanda Kew)

A Bully Meet-up and Beach Walk event will take place on March 9 from 10.30am in Weston-super-Mare.

Organised by Geordie Bullies Springboard Rescue UK, proceeds raised will help pay for the treatment of five bulldogs, who are estimated to be in need of £10,000 worth of treatment between them.

Weston Mercury: Eventually, the dogs will be rehomed.Eventually, the dogs will be rehomed. (Image: Wanda Kew)

The event's description on Facebook says: "This is a special event as we are asking for donations for the 'Appledawn five'.

"Four of the five English Bulldogs were dumped together...!

"All of them need medical attention and all of them need sterilising so please bring some extra pennies for these poor souls."

All dogs are welcome. Attendees will be meeting outside the Cove West Beach shop.