BACK in 2020, a Worle woman was left in shock after discovering a snail in her Tesco sandwich.

Faye Johnson, aged 23 at the time, discovered the snail in her chicken and chorizo sandwich from Weston's Tesco Express, in Boulevard, after her tooth grazed something.

When Faye, who worked as a secretary, saw the snail, she immediately threw the sandwich, which was part of the company's £3 meal deal, onto her desk.

Faye had assumed that the snail was a bone, but was in "a state" after realising the truth.

Speaking at the time, she said: "It was awful. I had eaten half of the sandwich and my tooth grazed something.

"I assumed I was going to find a bone in my sandwich, that would've been fine, and then I looked and saw the snail.

"I was super upset and I was in a state.

"One of my colleagues took it back to Tesco and they gave him my cash back that I spent on the meal deal.

"I certainly won't be having Tesco's sandwiches for a very long time."

Speaking in 2020, a Tesco spokesperson said: "We were really sorry to hear about this. We have extremely high standards and our suppliers take great care to ensure salad and other vegetables are washed thoroughly before they are used in our products.

"We have given the customer a refund and will investigate further with our supplier."