WESTON Town Council hopes to secure the legacy of a "flamboyant" architect by restoring a  "vibrant and enduring" building with a rich history.

Designed by Hans Fowler Price, the old Weston Mercury building on Waterloo Street is described as a "piece of national heritage."

A Weston Town Council spokesperson said: "In the architectural tapestry of Weston-super-Mare, few threads are as vibrant and enduring as the legacy of Hans Price.

"The visionary architect, responsible for more than 800 projects in the town, has left an indelible mark on its streetscapes. Among these, a building of significant prominence and character is currently undergoing a transformation that pays homage to Price's flamboyant style and work ethic.

"This restoration is not merely about preserving a structure but is a celebration of the identity and heritage that Price has imparted to Weston.

"The importance of this Grade Two listed building extends beyond its elaborate Dutch Baroque style, influenced by Price's travels across Europe and the Spanish architecture he admired. It represents a piece of national heritage, underscoring the need for careful conservation.

"Weston Town Council's decision to undertake this project reflects a commitment to maintaining the town's unique character and making a piece of its history accessible to the public."