IN 2016, Secret World Wildlife rescued two baby otters in different locations, who soon became the best of friends.

The adorable animals – who were housed at the rescue centre in East Huntspill – both suffered due to adverse weather conditions.

Immy was rescued in Gloucestershire but there was concern over her wellbeing as otters grow up in groups.

When otter Storm was found in Wiltshire with no sign of his mother, he was taken to the centre. The two quickly grew close.

Speaking in 2016, Carer Josie Nott said: “After bath time and feeding, they go to bed. They even snuggle up together.”

The charity works day in, day out to help sick, injured and abandoned animals. This includes everything from foxes to badgers to birds, hedgehogs and more.

They don't receive any government funding and rely totally on the generosity of the public to continue their vital work in protecting Britain's wildlife.