Students at a local academy took part in a unique activity - a field gun competition.

Broadoak Academy partnered with Future Fit Junior Field Gun, a Plymouth-based charity, to introduce field gun competition to Year 7 students.

The sport, which incorporates wooden guns worked together in teams and originated in the Royal Navy, has been active for nearly a century.

This scaled down version offers young 'field gunners' a hands-on experience, fostering skills like teamwork, discipline, physical fitness, problem-solving, leadership, among others.

The activity, overseen by trainers Dave and Des from Future Fit, allowed students to operate a scaled-down wooden field gun as it was done in historical military drills within the Royal Navy.

Each member of the Year 7 cohort had a share in this dynamic day.

Weston Mercury: Broadoak Academy partnered with Future Fit Junior Field Gun, a Plymouth-based charity

The action kicked off with an assembly hosted by the academy's PE co-ordinator, Mr Poulding and the Future Fit team, followed by a tutor group workshop facilitating drills and races.

One Year 7 student said: "Sir, this is amazing.

"Can we do this in PE from now on?"

The students are eagerly waiting for the formation of the Broadoak Academy Field Gun Team, which will be the first of its kind in any secondary school in the country.

This pioneering move seeks to popularise the sport among students and inspire other schools and community groups to provide similar opportunities to young individuals.

Principal Danny McGilloway reflected on the day.

He said: "The way in which the children engaged and conducted themselves during the day was exemplary.

"They worked brilliantly in teams and cooperated throughout.

"I saw some individual children display confidence that I have not seen before.

"It was a truly inclusive, enjoyable experience for all of our year 7 students."

The school leaders are optimistic about broadening students' involvement in the sport and are exploring the participation level in competitions in the foreseeable future.