THREE juveniles who smelt strongly of Cannabis were detained in the West Wick area yesterday (Saturday, April 13).

Police received several reports of drug use in the Summer Lane underpass and went to investigate.

One of the individuals managed to escape the officer, but was soon caught following a foot chase.

Speaking yesterday, a North Somerset Neighbourhood Policing spokesperson said: "Today the Worle Beat team Sergeant and PCSO Supervisor were conducting cycle patrol in the West Wick area.

"We have received several reports of drug use in the Summer Lane underpass.

"Whilst cycling through, three juveniles (young adults) were located at the entrance smelling strongly of Cannabis. All three were detained for searches.

"One of these juveniles was able to make off due to the fact it was one officer and three suspects (PCSO's have no power to physically detain). This male was pursued on foot by the officer and caught on Yarbury Way.

"The other two kindly remained with the PCSO.

"The officer was then assisted by the response team who helped with searches.

"Suspect secured;

"Drugs seized;

"Safeguarding referrals;

"Community concerns acted upon.

"We would like to thank all the members of the public who assisted with the giving of directions during the pursuit and helping to secure a safer community.

"We will always do our best to act upon your concerns and make the places you live a safer better place. We can only do this with your help. You reported your concerns via the street safe app, we patrolled using bikes to improve visibility and make it easier to detect crime, we located offenders, detained them and got drugs off the street.

"We are so thankful for all your support and sense of civic duty.

"The team know that there are numerous areas that need this focus, we know that the problem with Cannabis use is prolific, we recently dismantled a large Cannabis grow, trust us, we are doing everything we can to get to as many areas as possible.

"Please bear with us, keep reporting, stop and chat to us, we will help you. We have a very small team and a very big area to cover, an area that is growing very quickly with new housing."