ONE person has been charged for threatening a victim with a knife in Ashcombe Park.

Police were called to the scene yesterday morning (Sunday, April 14), along with response and firearms teams.

The parties are believed to have been known to each other.

A North Somerset Neighbourhood Policing spokesperson said: "We are now able to disclose that yesterday morning an incident took place in Ashcombe park between parties known to each other.

"An allegation was made that a male offender threatened the victim with a knife.

"Officers from the Worle beat team in partnership with response and firearms teams were able to track down the offender making two quick arrests following the call to Police.

"Our detainee investigations team in Bridgwater custody investigated the matter, we have since charged and remanded one male for an offence of making threats with a knife.

"A second person was released without charge after evidence showed they were not responsible.

"Arrests made;

"Interviews complete;

"One charge and remand to court;

"Community safety secured.

"We take any incidents involving allegations of knives extremely seriously. Your local Neighbourhood team are working incredibly hard to detect and prevent offences.

"To help evidence this to you, we can tell you later that same day, officers from the Worle team completed a Stop and search in Worle high street of a juvenile male following intelligence he was carrying a machete.

"We had briefed the intelligence that morning, saw the male walking down the high street and acted upon it immediately.

"Although no weapon was found on this occasion, we hope that these activities and swift action will help to make you feel safe and secure in the community.

"It also demonstrates how important your intelligence submissions to us are, in allowing us to act proactively.

"We know that for many, public confidence in Policing is not as high as we would like it to be, and the use of stop and search can be controversial. There is no general power to search, all searches must be led by intelligence, must be informed and must be justified.

"So we hope that the above two incidents we are sharing with you today, plus the last few posts we have produced relating to searches, will help us to gain your confidence and have trust in your local beat team."