Puxton Adventure Park has acquired and installed a life-saving defibrillator.

The crucial device, aiming to enhance the safety of visitors and staff, was secured via a partnership with the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC).

GWAAC, the local air ambulance charity for North Somerset, attended to 262 patients in the county last year, with around 32 per cent of these calls being for cardiac arrests.

Key to survival in these instances is timely intervention.

As such, the integration of Puxton Park's defibrillator into the National Defibrillator Network aims to ensure rapid access.

According to Alistair Mead, managing director at Puxton Park, "the installation of this defibrillator signifies a significant enhancement of safety measures."

Defibrillator coordinator, Lisa Warrington expressed her delight with the collaboration, underlining the value of CPR and defibrillation in cardiac arrest survival rates.

Puxton Park is now urging other businesses and communities to follow suit, facilitating wider defibrillator availability.