NORTH Somerset Council's safer communities service has analysed over 100 hours of footage to help apprehend a suspect in a Weston sexual offence case.

A Safer Stronger North Somerset spokesperson said: "Our CCTV team analyse thousands of hours of footage each year in an effort to support Avon and Somerset Police investigate various offences in Weston-super-Mare’s town centre.

"Following a sexual offence in April last year, the team analysed more than 100 hours of footage captured by multiple cameras around the town centre.

"This evidence proved instrumental in allowing investigating officers to apprehend a suspect, Florin Griu, for an offence that occurred on 21 April 2023. Griu is scheduled for sentencing on Friday, May 31.

"North Somerset’s CCTV control room operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have more than 300 cameras across North Somerset, which are constantly monitored by a team of fully trained operators.

"The operators have direct radio communication with the police, council enforcement officers, businesses and street wardens.

"Last year our CCTV team recorded 7,057 incidents, and assisted the police with 422 arrests.

"Thanks for all the work they do to help keep people safe in North Somerset."