NORTH Somerset Council has said that it will be working to fix any "snagging" issues in their Bus Service Improvement scheme in Brockley Combe.

The council will be working with stakeholders to address any issues with the scheme.

A North Somerset Council spokesperson said: "We have just opened our latest Bus Service Improvement scheme in Brockley Combe.

"The scheme is currently in the snagging period and, as standard practice with these types of schemes, we’ll continue to work with external stakeholders (bus and road users, bus companies, cyclists, motorbike users, local businesses) to address any remaining issues over the next few weeks.

"We have been advised that the traffic signal timings are a little off, so we will need to adjust this.

"This will be resolved as soon as possible and is not unexpected - often smart traffic systems need time to bed in.

"There are also some additional road markings that we’ll be putting in place end of this week/start of next to help drivers a step further in navigating the new junction.

"We’ll continue to work closely with the bus company and local stakeholders should any additional snags become clear over the next few weeks."

The Brockley Combe changes include:

  • New bus lanes Bristol and Congresbury-bound tackling delays caused for buses heading from the airport and in both directions on the A370;
  • Changing the current right turn into Brockley Lane and moving it to Chelvey Road further on the A370, to enable the junction to work more efficiently in light of the increasing number of vehicles using the junction.

Speaking about the changes last year, Cllr Hannah Young, executive member for Highways and Transport at North Somerset Council, said: “Creating a new bus priority junction at Brockley Combe aims to increase the reliability of buses to and from the airport including the A3, which runs every hour, and the X1, which will be changing to every 15 minutes from September. 

“The Brockley Combe junction has been identified as a pinch point from Bristol Airport and in both directions on the A370 towards Bristol and Congresbury. The changes will tackle delays at this busy junction, offering speedier bus services.”