Events will take place across Weston to celebrate the life and legacy of Jill Dando - 25 years on since she died.

The former hometown of the esteemed personality has organised a week filled with tea, coffee, and cake.

Venues, including The Grand Pier and Revo Kitchen & Terrace, are hosting weekly 'tea, coffee and cake marathons', showcasing a variety of cake flavours, not just Ms Dando's favourite, coffee and walnut.

Both venues have pledged to donate £2 from every cake sale during this week to chosen charities.

Weston Mercury:

Numerous local churches and schools have also pledged their participation in the marathon.

Jill Dando’s older brother, Nigel, said: "The tea and cake scheme is a wonderful idea, not least because it will benefit several good causes.

"And of course, coffee and walnut cake was a big family favourite."

Various churches are set to host charity events throughout the week.

On Tuesday, Milton Baptist Church will host one of the events at 10am, followed by St Peter's Church on Wednesday at the same time.

On Thursday, Clarence Park Baptist Church, the site where Jill Dando’s funeral took place, will follow suit with a charity cakes event at 10am.

Weston is not the only place celebrating the event.

In Malawi, Jill Dando student journalists are marking Jill’s life and legacy.

The event is conducted in partnership with Priory Learning Trust, Grand Pier, and Revo Kitchen and Terrace among others.

The Grand Pier director, Michelle Michael said: "We are delighted to be in partnership with Jill Dando News and the celebrations of Jill’s fantastic life and expanding legacy."

Weston Mercury:

The fast-expanding Jill Dando News project, launched in 2017, is based out of her previous school, Worle Academy.

It trains young people to become real-life journalists, teaching them to find, write and share positive news stories, in an era where negativity is prevalent and mental health statistics are skyrocketing.

Olivia Finch, 19, was the first-ever Jill Dando News reporter, now studying to become a doctor.

She said: "Jill inspired us from day one with her life.

"Jill Dando News is a fitting, expanding legacy for a woman who was truly 'the smiling face of Britain'."

The funds raised will go to support the much-needed resources for two mental health charities, In Charley’s Memory and Wellspring Counselling.

These organisations are experiencing a surge in demand for their services, particularly in Jill Dando's former town and county.