A LOCAL has questioned why residents are unable to park in the redundant bus stop spaces along Weston's Atlantic Road, calling the situation "absurd."

North Somerset Council has said that it plans for the dormant stops to be fully suspended.

The resident, who preferred to be anonymous, said: "I am a resident of Hillside Ward, and I regularly park my car in Atlantic Road.

"When the X5 bus service was introduced, originally, it ran both ways along Atlantic Road, and bus stops were established on both sides of the road, thereby immediately knocking out the equivalent of at least three car parking spaces on each side (ie about six in all) for local residents.

"I did not mind this too much because even though I drive, I am a strong supporter of public transport. 

"However: Very shortly after the introduction of the X5, the route going east along Atlantic Road was suspended, indeed so far as I know that has been the case along the entire route. And since its suspension, it has never been re-introduced.

"But local residents still cannot park in the space, which is now totally redundant, as it remains a formally designated bus stop (in fact there are two east-bound stops in Atlantic Road, and both are now redundant).

"This is an absurd situation.

"My point is very simple: if the east bound X5 service has been cancelled permanently, why can't the local authority simply remove those stops along the northern side of Atlantic Road and give the spaces back as car parking for local residents?"

A North Somerset Council spokesperson said: “We are currently reviewing the entire network of North Somerset bus stops and recognise that some stops have become dormant, following changes to bus services over the last few years.

"This review will lead to some bus stops which are no longer needed being formally suspended from our network. Alongside, a programme of re-branding and improvements across our estate of circa 900 stops will take place.

“We plan for the dormant stops on Atlantic Road to be formally suspended and returned for the use of parking as soon as possible. We have advised the resident of this change and reached a resolution on the matter.”