A SOMERSET wildlife charity has unveiled its multi-use kennels which will be used to house vulnerable animals in need.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue, which has headquarters in Highbridge, is currently using the kennels exclusively for badger cubs.

The charity works day in, day out to help sick, injured and abandoned animals. This includes everything from foxes to badgers to birds, hedgehogs and more.

A spokesperson from the organisation said: "Exciting facilities update!

"Thanks to everyone who supported our autumn appeal - including a generous grant from the Marjorie Coote Animal Charity Trust - we now have these fabulous multi-use kennels in our badger room.

"They're not just for badgers though; they were designed to be versatile so we could house different species in them (not at the same time) and features include:

- a mesh roof to provide adequate ventilation.

- a clear upper door for easy observation.

- metal barred door with removable mesh.

- opaque lower door to give some privacy to animals resting on the floor.

- fully sealed floors for easy cleaning and biosecurity.

"They'll house different animals depending on the season. At the moment they're exclusively for badger cubs but will be suitable for adults at other times, and can even be used for birds with a thorough cleaning before and after.

"We're so happy with them and can't wait to introduce them to all the different animals we see across the year. Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the appeal and helped us buy them, they're a fantastic asset."

Recently, the charity took in its first badger cub of the year, called Martha.

Martha was found around a Bath churchyard, trying to follow people home.

A spokesperson said: "We would like to introduce you all to Martha, Martha is our first badger cub admission of the year and is turning out to be a rather cheeky character!

"Martha was found wandering around a churchyard in Bath, trying to follow people home.

"She will stay with us now until the end of the summer when she goes for release. Hopefully we can find a friend to keep her company soon."