Somerset Wildlife Trust has called on its supporters to join the London march to Restore Nature Now.

The Trust has asked that residents in Somerset "unite for nature" by joining a "legal, peaceful and family-friendly" demonstration on the streets of central London on Saturday 22nd June 2024.

Over 250  nature, wildlife and climate groups and campaigners are backing the march, which aims to be the biggest-ever gathering of nature and climate supporters in the UK.

The Restore Nature Now demonstration "will present a loud, clear and united message to all political parties of how strongly people feel about the need for action now needed to restore nature", the Trust said.

Its demand to all political parties will be: "Restore Nature Now".

Adam Murray, Director of Action for Nature, says: “It’s an irrefutable fact that nature and wildlife across the UK is in serious trouble, but the fact that our basic existence is based on a healthy natural environment, is so bewilderingly overlooked.

"With a General Election round the corner this is a watershed moment in time for all political parties to recognise their role in turning nature’s fortunes around and putting it back where it belongs – as an integral and necessary part of our everyday lives. That’s why we are joining over 200 environment groups and tens of thousands of people on Saturday 22nd June in London, for what aims to be the biggest ever event for nature and climate.”

The march will be supported by organisations including the RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts, The Climate Coalition, WWF-UK, National Trust, WWT, Woodland Trust, Wildlife and Countryside Link, Rewilding Britain, and Chris Packham.

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