THE council has added 600 flowers to Weston’s floral clock celebrating the 200 years of the RNLI.

North Somerset Council said a group of volunteers is now looking after the space.

(Image: Glendale)

A North Somerset Council spokesperson said: “The new annual planting at Weston’s floral clock celebrating 200 years of the RNLI is bedding in nicely.

“We’ve added around 600 colourful annual flowers to the display.

“Thanks again to Glendale Services for planting the design. Our dedicated group of volunteers is now looking after the space.

“Please respect their hard work. Don’t sit on the ledge at the bottom of the floral clock, as you might damage the plants.”

The floral clock’s design features two circles, which will be planted with new schemes of annual flowers every year to celebrate different themes.

Lucy Shomali, North Somerset Council’s Director of Place, said: “The floral clock’s colourful ornamental shrubs and bee-friendly species are complemented wonderfully by the new planting design that commemorates 200 years of the RNLI.

“Thank you to Glendale for another fantastic planting effort. Moving forward, the floral clock will be looked after by our dedicated group of volunteers.

“We’ve already had the first sessions for volunteers, which have been resounding successes.

"If you’re interested in joining, please contact our parks ranger at”