Four-year-old girl stunned to receive text from Russian pair after casting message in bottle into the sea

Taylor Powell on the beach with the bottle

Taylor Powell on the beach with the bottle - Credit: Archant

A four-year-old Weston girl has received a message from Russia after throwing a message in a bottle into the sea during a holiday in Spain.

Taylors message in a bottle

Taylors message in a bottle - Credit: Archant

Ritchie Powell, aged 31, and his daughter Taylor Powell waved goodbye to the apple juice bottle while on holiday in Santa Susanna last month.

The letter contained a message and contact details to whom ever found it.

On June 7, Ritchie received a message on WhatsApp from a foreign number claiming the message had been found.

The car sales executive was taken back when he opened the message and he even asked for proof.

Taylor's letter which was placed in a bottle and thrown out to sea

Taylor's letter which was placed in a bottle and thrown out to sea - Credit: Archant

He said: "I didn't believe it at first, I just saw a strange looking number.

"When I opened the message, I was on my way to Manchester.

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"I had to ask them to send the proof of location because I couldn't believe it and it was all the way in Moscow.

"When I told her someone had replied to her message, Taylor was so happy, her face completely lit up.

"She was shocked as well but, it made her feel quite proud of herself.

"I was lost for words, I couldn't believe it really, I didn't expect to ever hear back.

"My girlfriend Milly thought of the idea and she said it was a cute idea especially for a young girl.

"After we had lunch, she had an empty bottle from her meal, we just used that and decorated it a little so it would look nice.

"I helped Taylor throw it into the sea so it could actually get somewhere and not come back to shore."

The bottle was decorated with shells and sand from the beach to accompany the letter which read: "Hello, my name is Taylor Powell.

"I am four years old and on holiday in Spain with my daddy.

"If you find this message in a bottle please respond with your countries name and please text. Love Taylor."

Sasha and Alexandra from Russia responded: "Hello Taylor! We have found your bottle in Moscow river (it's Russia). We hope your holidays in Spain were great! "From Moscow with love! Sasha and Alex."

Ritchie shared his experience on his Facebook page and received an overwhelming response from friends and family.