Charity to tackle deprivation by serving up healthy meals

Volunteers at the Finsbury Park centre

Volunteers at the Finsbury Park centre - Credit: Archant

A charity which aims to tackle loneliness in deprived communities by serving up healthy meals is coming to a Weston estate.

Volunteers at food cycle at Finsbury Park

Volunteers at food cycle at Finsbury Park - Credit: Archant

Food Cycle, which will be based at the For All Healthy Living Centre, in Lonsdale Avenue, will take its restaurant-inspired project to the Bournville on Saturday.

This comes after the estate was ranked as one of the most deprived areas in the country.

The charity welcomes guests from the area to come and enjoy a three-course meal, which they will be served whilst seated, free of charge.

Regional manager of the charity, Justin Powell said: "We chose the Bournville because it's in the top five per cent of deprived estates in England and top one per cent nationwide.

Volunteers at food cycle at Finsbury Park

Volunteers at food cycle at Finsbury Park - Credit: Archant

"When we heard this news, we were surprised.

"When I went to have a look at the estate, it didn't really look deprived.

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"But most of the people in the area are living on the breadline and one in eight people are suffering from depression.

"We aim to build communities around a healthy meal which leads onto creating long-lasting relationships in communities by creating a safe space for people to share experiences and meet new people.

"They receive a restaurant experience from the start and we try to mix people so they can sit and meet other people.

"Although some people prefer to stick together."

Food Cycle, founded in May 2009, currently has 39 branches across the country including London, Manchester and Bristol, where they are looking to open a second branch.

The charity works with supermarkets such as Morrisons and Tesco which provide staff with food.

The ingredients are transformed into healthy meals which is served up to guests.

Food Cycle has made and served more than one million meals in the 10 years of running.

Justin added: "In my time at the charity, I have seen it bring people together who have been lonely or struggling.

"We're not miracle workers, we're just trying to bring communities together.

"We rely on our volunteers to help make this work, I'm looking forward to meeting our new guests in the Bournville."

For more information or to volunteer with the charity, contact or visit