Woman shares her incredible weight loss journey

Suzy Summerhayes before and after

Suzy Summerhayes before and after - Credit: Suzy Summerhayes

A woman who struggled with her weight her whole life has shared the story behind her incredible transformation.

Suzy Summerhayes using her son George to hide herself from the camera

Suzy Summerhayes using her son George to hide herself from the camera - Credit: Suzy Summerhayes

Suzy Summerhayes, aged 33, managed to go from a size 22 down to size 12 with Slimming World's help in less than a year.

The mother-of-two, from Locking Parklands, said her weight made her insecure and caused her to have low confidence.

She would often hide for photos, either using her son or behind other people.

Suzy said: "I had struggled with my weight my whole life and after having my children, I felt uncomfortable all the time.

Suzy Summerhayes before and after her incredible weightloss

Suzy Summerhayes before and after her incredible weightloss - Credit: Suzy Summerhayes

"I'm an outgoing person but whenever I was out with friends or family, rather than getting involved, I would just stand on the side. I was so unhappy. I had a job I didn't really like because I didn't have that confidence to start again.

"In November 2015 my friend recommended I go to slimming world with her but because I had done a similar programme in the past I just pushed it aside.

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"When I went I was overwhelmed with support, I didn't have to go through the journey alone, I was losing a pound and a half a week - it was amazing.

"By October 2016, I found a new confidence, I even left my old admin job which I was comfortable doing and pushed myself to do more."

Suzy, who is now a Slimming World consultant, would have three rounds of white toast of butter for breakfast, a packet of crisps, sandwich and a chocolate bar for lunch, and for dinner she would opt for a curry takeaway with poppadoms.

She swapped junk food for healthy alternatives. Her diet now consists of brown toast with poached eggs for breakfast, a salad for lunch and homemade recipes, including curries.

Suzy said: "I'm so much happier now, I can get involved with the children's school who do a Race For Life mile whereas before I'd just watch. Even my husband points out I'm happier these days.

"Having people who understand what I'm going through really helped me. The group made me realise making active decisions to lose weight through small changes makes a big difference."