Adventurer set for ‘inaccessible’ pole

Kip Hansford

Kip Hansford - Credit: Archant

ONE 41-year-old man is preparing for one of the most ambitious polar expeditions to have taken place in decades, leaving his day job behind as he heads to the northern pole of inaccessibility.

Kip Hansford’s list of achievements already includes conquering the world’s highest freestanding mountain, Kilimanjaro. Accomplished explorer Jim McNeill has chosen Kip to join him on a trip to an Arctic goal said never to have been reached.

The spot is so named because it is considered the most challenging to reach because of its remoteness.

Kip said: “I enjoy keeping fit and frequently run, walk and cycle.

“Three years ago I climbed Kilimanjaro and started to get a passion for a new type of challenge. I’ve been looking for an expedition to somewhere cold for a couple of years now, something that will fulfil my love for adventure.”

Kip, who lives in Cross, has given up work to concentrate on training for the attempt.

He said: “In the past 20 years I have concentrated on building a successful career in the construction mining industries, but now it’s time to challenge myself in a different way, both mentally and physically.

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“I will walk lots of miles, drag an old Land Rover tyre behind me a few times a week, run and swim.”

The trek will be made up of four 20-day legs, each spanning 200 miles across the Arctic Ocean and the group will collect data about the break up of sea ice throughout February’s expedition.

Kip said: “When I saw the advert for the pole of inaccessibility I knew it was for me. If I can do my bit to help the planet with the data we will be collecting then that must also be a good thing.”

Jim said: “I’m delighted to have Kip in the expedition team and look forward to training him.”

Sixteen people are taking part in the expedition but Jim is still looking for 10 more people to sign up. For more information and to apply visit