Free resources to help families after dementia diagnosis

Alive has launched conversation cards to help people with dementia.

Alive has launched conversation cards to help people with dementia. - Credit: Archant

Care homes and day centres in North Somerset can benefit from free conversation cards to help people with dementia.

Award-winning charity Alive has launched a new free resource which offers conversation ideas and advice to help family members and friends following a diagnosis of dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most feared disease for British people over the age of 60 – 58 per cent of people surveyed say they feel they would struggle to be able to join in conversations, and for families the idea of losing the person they know and love can be heart-breaking.

People with dementia often become socially isolated, lonely and depressed through lack of engagement.

Families and friends of loved ones can feel alone too, knowing their relationships are going to change.

Evidence suggests just 10 minutes of meaningful conversation per day can have a positive impact on older people’s wellbeing and Alive has developed a number of resources to help build conversations with people living with dementia.

Alive’s chief executive Simon Bernstein said: “Helping people with dementia to stay connected to the people around them is key to their happiness and quality of life.

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“As dementia develops it can become harder and harder for people with the disease to interact and converse with family members and friends who may also feel ill-equipped to cope.

“This can lead to people living with the disease feeling alone, socially isolated and may result in their gradual withdrawal from ordinary interactions.

“Often, family members may experience feelings of guilt and helplessness as a result.

“We hope this free resource will support those with dementia, their loved ones and carers, to feel closer, providing an enjoyable way to share special memories and experiences together at a time when it matters most.”

Alive’s free resource pack contains pages of illustrations and ideas which anyone can use as simple conversation prompts with their loved ones.

The conversation cards enable people living with dementia to recall and share memories more confidently.

The cards are available to download from