Alpacas help to relieve stress at Weston hospice

Three alpacas visited Weston Hospicecare.

Three alpacas visited Weston Hospicecare. - Credit: Archant

Alpacas visited Weston Hospicecare to improve patients’ wellbeing.

Three alpacas named Flash, Pickles and Tom visited a day hospice session and owners Steve and Sally Baker answered questions posed by patients and offered a chance for people to pet the animals.

Interaction with animals can have a positive effect on people's health and state of mind.

Steve and Sally, who run Stoke Wood Alpacas near Taunton, said: "Alpacas, like many other animals, have a beneficial effect on the wellbeing of humans.

"It is believed that various vital signs are ameliorated, such as heart rate and blood pressure.

"Alpacas are gentle, odd-looking and non-judgemental and interesting behaviours which please observers.

"We hope they brightened the day for all who saw Flash, Pickles and Tom and we certainly enjoyed our visit to Weston Hospicecare."

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