Yatton TV judge hailed as ‘truly inspiring’ by Ann Summers CEO for maternal song-writing therapy

Rachel Mason

Rachel Mason - Credit: Julie Lovegrove

A Sky One talent-show judge from Yatton has been described as ‘truly inspiring’ by the CEO of Ann Summers after picking up a Women in Business award.

Lyrical Light workshops

Lyrical Light workshops - Credit: Rachel Mason

The win came as part of the WOW Awards ceremony, created by Ann Summers CEO Jacqueline Gold, CBE.

Rachel Mason collected the award for her Lyrical Light workshops, designed to help people with pre or postnatal depression.

Business mogul, Jacqueline Gold said: "Rachel's passion for helping others and her talent for creating anthems of wellness is truly inspiring and sets this company apart."

"I wish Rachel every success in the future."

Rachel Mason with her two children, Layla and Elias.

Rachel Mason with her two children, Layla and Elias. - Credit: Rachel Mason

Rachel has won an array of awards for her musical ventures, she has also written the anti-bullying anthem Body On Mute which was later adopted by The Diana Award's anti-bullying programme.

However, the success of this WOW Award has come through a more personal path.

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She explained: "I had my children in 2017 and 2018 and developed bad postnatal depression. I didn't go for help or talk about it until I publicly admitted to my social media followers and family that I'd been struggling."

"I told them that one of the only things that helped when I was struggling, was writing songs. I then had a lot of women coming to me and asking if I would help them write a song to process what they'd been through. The workshops started from there."

Rachel featured as a judge in the Sky One talent contest, Sing: Ultimate A Cappella, hosted by Cat Deeley.

She added: "People were surprised, I'd put on a front. I was a judge on TV, I'd put out an album so to the outside world I had it all together but inside I was falling apart."

Lyrical Light work in partnership with charities such as the PANDAS Foundation, Tommy's and Mothers2Mothers.

Though the process mothers go through during the workshop is deeply personal, some share their experiences with Rachel.

One comment from the Lyrical Light website said: "Hearing the lyrics that we wrote makes me feel so proud I'm coming through this."

Another adds: "Lyrical Light helped me feel more positive about my experiences becoming a mum."