Weston grandmother to skydive from 15,000ft for terminally ill children

Anne Riney with daughter Trudy Davies.

Anne Riney with daughter Trudy Davies. - Credit: Sub

A Weston grandmother with months left to live has decided to jump from a plane at 15,000ft for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Anne Riney with daughter-in-law Lesley Riney.

Anne Riney with daughter-in-law Lesley Riney. - Credit: Sub

Anne Riney was diagnosed with stage four terminal glyoma in the brain in October and was told it could not be treated.

The 75-year-old opted out of brain surgery and chemotherapy and instead has decided to live the rest of her life to the fullest, starting with a charity skydive.

Anne told the Mercury: “I had always sworn, unless curable, I would not undergo radio or chemotherapy treatment.

“The experts informed me the brain operation would be pointless without the follow-up treatment of chemo and radio therapy. Currently I’m fit and well and the treatment would almost certainly have changed that.

“Instead I have opted to fight this holistically for as long as possible to preserve quality over quantity of life as the difference was only months.

“When I found out, my first thoughts were of my grandchildren.

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“They have brought me so much pleasure over the past seven years and I have loved seeing them grow and am devastated I won’t see them turn into adults.”

Anne always ‘secretly fancied’ skydiving but it was not until faced with her diagnosis that she finally decided to give it a go.

She will take to the skies with her daughter Trudy Davies and daughter-in-law Lesley Riney on December 8.

Anne said: “Make-A-Wish tries to grant wishes to terminally-ill children who have not had the 75 years I have had.

“My greatest wish is that my greatest challenge may provide a wish come true for those children.

“Raising any amount of money would be nice, but I want to raise as much as possible.

“To make one child’s wish come true would be great, but to make lots of children’s dreams come true would be amazing.”

Her son, John Riney, was ‘rather surprised’ when his mother announced her plans but said it was better that ‘wallowing in misery’.

He added: “My hope for the event are mum gets the thrill she has obviously been seeking for a while.”

A charity night will be held at the Boro Sports Club, in Locking Road, on December 7 with a performance from Steve Mitchell, of The Leylines.

To donate, visit Lesley’s JustGiving page or Trudy’s JustGiving page.