Another Sainsbury's appeal to be heard?

SUPERMARKET bosses say they want two controversial applications to be decided at an inquiry at the same time.

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SUPERMARKET bosses say they want two controversial applications to be decided at an inquiry at the same time.

Last week the Weston & Somerset Mercury revealed how Sainsbury's appeal over delivery hours will be heard in February.

In its paperwork sent to the Planning Inspectorate, which decides on controversial applications, the company said it wants the hearing to take into account another application that was refused.

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In March, North Somerset Council said it would not allow Sainsbury's in Queens Way, Worle, start receiving deliveries early on a Sunday morning and for an extra hour each day in the week.

Supermarket bosses also wanted to be able to deliver for an extra hour on weekday mornings between 5-6.30am at the Queens Way store but that was turned down as well.

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The appeal against the decision will be heard in February but in its letter to the Planning Inspectorate it asked for a subsequent refused application, to allow it to receive goods on Sundays and bank holidays from 9am-5.30pm, to be heard as well.

In the letter sent to the planning inspectorate Sainsbury's said they are appealing against the decision to refuse the second application as well because:

* The decision to refuse planning permission, even for a temporary six month period, was taken against a council officer's recommendation.

* In not granting planning permission, subject to certain conditions, Sainsbury's has been unable to demonstrate how the proposed extension to delivery hours will not unacceptably affect neighbours.

* Allowing deliveries to take place on Sundays and bank holidays will reduce the frequency of delivery lorries to the store, most noticeably on Saturdays.

* North Somerset Council's environmental health officer raised no objection to the proposals.

Sainsbury's has been told a hearing for the original application will be held on February 13 at the Winter Gardens in Weston.

Both sets of proposals were met with objection from several people living near the store.

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