Free bike marking scheme returns to Weston Railyway Station

Bike Theft

Bike Theft - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

North Somerset Council’s sustainable travel team will be returning to Weston Railway Station this afternoon (Thursday) to help commuters protect their bikes from thieves.

Residents will have the chance to get their bicycle marked and its details registered on the national cycle database free of charge.

Bikes will be protected with a permanent ID etch and a tamper-proof sticker to warn potential thieves that the bike is registered, acting as a deterrent and increasing the chance of the bikes being reunited with their owner if it is stolen.

More than 100 bikes have been registered with the scheme in Somerset this year.

No booking is necessary – cyclists just need to take their bike along.

Registering takes approximately five minutes to complete.

Advisors will also be on hand to advise commuters of local cycle routes and other sustainable initiatives.

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The scheme will run from 3-6pm.

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