Appeal for sewers to be improved after floods

ANGRY residents from Backwell are calling for the sewer under their homes to be improved after raw sewage floated into their gardens.

ANGRY residents from Backwell are calling for the sewer under their homes to be improved after raw sewage floated into their gardens.

People living in Farleigh Road want the sewerage and drains improved near their homes to prevent waste from being washed into their properties.

Wally Jenner said: "We've had raw sewage coming out of the man holes and into our gardens. The drainage is equally bad and we've been flooded a number of times

"The sewers are a real problem, but they are building more and more houses down the bottom of the road and it's going to make things even worse."

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The heavy rain earlier this month left many homes and businesses along the A370 in Backwell flooded, including Backwell Leisure Centre.

Firefighters were called out to pump water from homes and gardens in the village and many residents still have sand bags outside their doors to protect their houses from further flooding.

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Another Backwell resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "We've been flooded lots of times before but this time was much worse.

"There are remarkably few drainage gullies now and the rest are blocked or aren't being maintained.

"Our concern is if the rain had been more prolonged our houses would have been flooded.

"About five our six of our neighbours have the same problem."

Councillor Tom Collinson, North Somerset ward councillor for Backwell, is appealing for something to be done about the situation.

He said: "This happens quite regularly because the main drainage in the area is not as adequate as it should be.

"Residents have had man hole covers washed down their drives and raw sewage floating into their gardens.

"It's totally unacceptable and there shouldn't be any more development in the area until it's sorted."

Tom Collinson is writing to North Somerset Council to ask for the drains to be improved and for no development to take place until the situation is sorted out.

He is also appealing to Wessex Water to improve the sewerage.

Wessex Water has confirmed it is carrying out a study in the area to see if the size of the sewer needs to be replaced.

North Somerset Council has also said it will be reviewing the situation to ensure street and gully cleaning is carried out often enough and working with Wessex Water and the Environment Agency to deal with the problem.

A spokesman said: "The highways drainage system in Backwell was repaired and cleaned out last year. The system is designed to drain the highway, but much of the water that caused the recent flooding came running off the surrounding land.

"The recent problems have highlighted the need for us to work closely together to ensure that issues are dealt with promptly and this is a matter we will be addressing with our partners."

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