Archaeological dig begins at future school site

Bloor Homes housing development off Arnolds Way, Yatton.

Bloor Homes housing development off Arnolds Way, Yatton. - Credit: Archant

Archaeologists have begun further investigation of a site once believed to have been inhabited by Romans.

History experts this week have started a dig at North End, in Yatton.

Bloor Homes has already gained permission to build hundreds of homes off Arnolds Way, but as part of its planning requirements must allow experts on site.

The area cordoned off is adjacent to the houses and where a new primary school is planned, which North Somerset Council will fund.

A Yatton Parish Council spokesman said: “Archaeologists will be on site for a number of weeks carrying out excavations ahead of the planned school development.”

“Details of findings will be presented to the local community in due course, and we thank you for your patience whilst the post-excavation analysis of the previous excavations is underway.”

If anyone is spotted entering the site outside of work hours, then an email should be sent to to alert them.