Awards acclaim for photographer Alex

Alex Wolfe-Warman.

Alex Wolfe-Warman. - Credit: Sub

A Weston photographer has been included in a prestigious arts exhibition after seeing six of his pictures earning highly commended status.

Alex Wolfe-Warman submitted six of the striking black and white compositions featured in his book Weston-super-Mare: My Home Town for the Marshwood Arts Awards.

His work impressed the judges so much that it has been featured in the awards’ exhibition, which will be running at Bridport Art Centre until December.

Alex said: “I am very happy to have been awarded Highly Commended because it is more recognition for my book.

“Also because these awards are for a variety of art forms including painting and drawing, sculpture, photography and digital media and applied arts.

The standard and quality of the work is very high and the judges make high quality work themselves so its great to be part of it.”