Generous donation secures historic pageant’s return

Axbridge Pageant 2020 will run in 2020 thanks to vital funds.Picture: Axbridge Pageant

Axbridge Pageant 2020 will run in 2020 thanks to vital funds.Picture: Axbridge Pageant - Credit: Axbridge Pageant

A pageant set to transform a town into ‘a living history book’ will return in 2020 after it secured major funding from a worldwide marketing provider.

Axbridge Pageant will reenact 2,000 years of the town's history, from the Saxon era to the present day, in The Square in 12 months' time.

Enable Promotional Marketing, also based in Axbridge, has gifted sponsorship money, technical support and database management to the event - the largest donation given to the pageant in its 50-year history.

The three-day extravaganza is one of a handful of remaining historical pageants in the UK, and is held once a decade.

Pageant director John Bailey said: "We are massively grateful for Enable's support, without which we would simply not be able to put on such a spectacular show.

"Planning for the event is well underway and everyone involved is already getting very excited.

"A year might sound a long way away, but there is so much to do in the coming months - from making props and costumes through to finessing the script and rehearsing."

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"Critically, all of this will be down to the hard work of the people of Axbridge - all parts of the community coming together for a common cause."

The pageant made its debut in 1967 to celebrate the opening of the bypass along the former Strawberry Line railway.

Around 400 performers from the area, as well as 100 volunteers, will take part in the parade.

Managing director of Enable, Neil Barnes, said: "The company's staff want to give back to the community by passing on what we can about the town's history.

"Enable is extremely proud of its roots, it's a very big part of what the business stands for, and its staff strive to play a role in putting life and energy into the area."

Enable gives project management support to businesses across Latin America, Europe and the United States.

Mr Barnes continued: "The pageant takes place outside the office's window and is an amazing event.

"All our staff are just as enthused as I am to be playing a part in the event."

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