Disapproval over gas power plant plans for Somerset town

People living in Axbridge pictured above are opposed to the stand-by gas plant.

People living in Axbridge pictured above are opposed to the stand-by gas plant. - Credit: Archant

Plans for a stand-by gas power plant have been opposed by Axbridge Town Council.

SWB Limited has submitted an application for a gas power plant which if approved by Sedgemoor District Council would be as close as 300 metres away from homes.

It would be in Prowses Lane near Axbridge and Wedmore Medical Practice and council members unanimously voted against the plans.

Issues were raised about the impact of the development, including disruption to the character and appearance, as well as emissions, pollution and noise.

More than 15 responses were submitted to Sedgemoor in disapproval of the plans.

Axbridge resident, Emma Garbett, said: “It is shocking to hear about a power station potentially being built on the edge of our medieval, rural town. Families, walkers, campers and a wide variety of others travel from all over the UK to visit the town in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the development would completely ruin the view for visitors – and for people living here.”

Another said: “I worry about the effects it would have on our environment, including to the air we and our children breathe, and also to the wildlife in the town. Please don’t ruin our home with this polluting monstrosity.”

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At the meeting, Cllr Helen Bridgeman, said: “It is beyond me, I cannot understand why the stacks (which release the gas from the plant) have to be 10 metres high – this development cannot be good for people’s health, especially for the elderly.”

But one resident supported the plan and said modern gas is efficient which is a ‘sensible substitute to renewables’.