Residents fear mysterious CCTV camera is looking into homes

Weston CCTV Camera

Baker Street residents are worried this camera is looking into their homes. - Credit: Sam Watler

A mysterious camera erected on a street in Weston has unnerved residents - who feel as though they are being spied on.

The camera stands around 15ft above street level and can peer into a number of homes along Baker Street.

Sam Watler lives in one of those homes and snapped the camera, which she says appeared to be looking inside her property.

Sam Watler

A cat keeps a watchful eye on the camera. - Credit: Sam Watler

"I was not warned that this monstrosity would be put up," she said. 

"A couple of neighbours received a letter on the day it was installed but no more notice was given.

"It is unsettling, I have resorted to shutting my blinds during the day because it is invading my privacy."

North Somerset Council confirmed the camera belonged to the authority and that it was installed to enhance public safety in the area after a convenience store was recently raided at knife-point.

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Executive member for neighbourhoods, Cllr Mike Solomon, insists the camera will not look into people's homes.

Cllr Solomon explained: "The camera will absolutely not be used to look into people's homes - it is there to protect residents.

"It has already proved to be valuable as it captured a potential suspect last week after a number of cars were set alight nearby.

"This area has a lot of issues with anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping, so this camera should be welcomed by residents."

Cllr Solomon confirmed that the device uses a wide-angle lens which can be adjusted by operators inside its control room.

However, the councillor's words have not reassured Mrs Watler who is adamant she caught the camera pointing into her home.

Sam Watler

North Somerset Council has assured residents the camera is there to protect them. - Credit: Sam Watler

"Mr Solomon's words are not reassuring in the slightest," she added.

"I definitely caught it looking into my home and I now feel I have no privacy.

"Perhaps if they moved it or installed a smaller CCTV camera, like the others around the town it would not feel so invasive but right now, myself and others on the street do not feel comfortable."