Bakers Dolphin coach crash ordeal

A PASSENGER travelling on a Bakers Dolphin coach that crashed on the M4 says he thought his time was up .

A PASSENGER travelling on a Bakers Dolphin coach that crashed on the M4 says he thought his 'time was up'.

The coach was taking 20 passengers from London to Weston when it careered off the motorway smashing through a barrier and down a steep embankment.

It happened on March 5 at about 7pm on the westbound carriageway between junctions 14 and 15 of the M4.

Passengers on board received minor injuries and were taken to nearby Membury Services.

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Dan Healy, aged 30, of Williton Crescent, was on the coach travelling back from a day trip to London.

Dan said: "Everybody was sleeping and I had just nodded off. I was woken by the thudding sound of the coach going across the cats eyes. We then smashed through the motorway barrier and everyone started screaming. I thought I was going to die.

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"We plunged down a steep bank. I was at the back and banged my head on the chair in front of me as we went down the embankment. The coach was heading straight for some trees, but unbelievably the trees brought us to a halt.

"Glass was everywhere and people started to run out of the coach up the embankment. I forced my way to the front and saw that the entire front section of the coach was smashed up, as were all the windows on the left side. An old lady had glass all over her shoes and a girl at the front had blood all over her.

"I am lucky to be here. The screaming will always stay in my head, it was a horrifying experience."

The coach driver has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and has been placed on bail to return to Newbury Police station on April 23.

Bakers Dolphin Coach Travel managing director, Tim Newcombe, said: "Our concerns are with all those affected.

"The coach is currently with the police and we are cooperating with mechanical checks. We will also be talking to the driver about what happened.

"It is too early to say at this stage how the accident occurred.

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