Barry's brave lake rescue

A BRAVE 24-year-old from Worle helped save the life of a teenager who had fallen into a reservoir. Barry Lewis, who lives in Elton Road

A BRAVE 24-year-old from Worle helped save the life of a teenager who had fallen into a reservoir.Barry Lewis, who lives in Elton Road, is spending his summer at a state park in Eastern Massachusetts in America working as a lifeguard.The part-time building society worker had finished work for the day when he had to leap into action and help with the daring rescue.Barry, who plans to come back to Worle soon to carry on with developing a website, said: "The camp I am working on is on public property and the kids swim in the lake for their sessions. "Many rope swings go up around the area that teenagers use. "I had just finished for the day and was with some other staff members when we were told a teenager had just fallen off a rope swing into the reservoir. "It turns out he was swinging upside down and landed in 2ft of water on his head onto rocks in the water."I ran with the others to the scene but due to its location we had to swim to the island where it happened. It all happened very quickly. "When we got there the teenager was complaining of back, wrist and head pains. "We splinted his wrist using some sticks from a tree and a T-shirt and supported his neck and legs to prevent him from causing further injury."The emergency services arrived by boat, and we helped transfer the victim from the shore and he was airlifted to hospital. "He had broken his wrist and badly hurt his back but hadn't broken it."During the saga there were media helicopters in the air and at the camp looking for interviews. It was very intense.

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