Beach binge fears

FED up walkers say teenagers are taking over a picturesque coastal path in Portishead and using it as a venue for late-night parties

FED up walkers say teenagers are taking over a picturesque coastal path in Portishead and using it as a venue for late-night parties.Animal lovers walking their pets along the path near the town's golf course say on Friday and Saturday nights the beach by The Windmill pub becomes a haven for teenagers.Bottles and cans are often found on the beach and path and some youngsters have been seen smoking drugs.One dog owner, who did not want to be named, said: "I often see large groups of young people congregating on the beach drinking."The other night there was a girl collapsed on the floor who had been sick all over herself. She was so drunk she couldn't move."There has also been damage to the little bridge by the beach and one of the benches has been vandalised. "This is a really popular area for dog walkers and it is a great shame it is being messed up by drunk teenagers."Police were called out to the coastal path last Friday night after reports of a gathering at the beach.Alcohol was seized from a number of young people.The dog walker added: "Where are these teenagers' parents and do they know what state they are getting into?"Some of these youths could only have been about 13 or 14 years of age. It only takes one young person to fall over the edge of the path drunk and they could be badly injured or even killed."Police in the town have already been carrying out undercover patrols to crack down on underage drinking and confiscating alcohol from teenagers.Portishead Police Sergeant Terry Scoble said: "Although the police have a duty to deal with antisocial behaviour and criminal offences that maybe committed by youngsters, surely parents have a responsibility to police the drunken state their children are getting into?"We are continuing our efforts to police the young people in a fair and sensible manner and have seen a significant reduction in calls."My priority is to continue to deter and detect criminal offences and two young people have been highlighted as causing the majority of damage in Portishead."It is likely that I will resort to using antisocial behaviour orders on these individuals.

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