TV presenter urges people to tune into Christmas carol service on Weston pier

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls has praised organisers for inspiring hope after a challenging year. - Credit: Shane Dean

TV adventurer Bear Grylls is urging the people of Weston to join the ‘Christmas Carols of hope’ celebration on the world famous Grand Pier tonight (Tuesday).

In one of the most challenging years for generations, ROC WSM aims to bring a little hope and light to our communities with a state-of-the-art online service filmed on Weston Grand Pier to go live tonight at 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

Bear said: “Well done, people young and old in Weston for inspiring hope at the end of a very challenging year. 

“Serving and helping people in need, and the whole community coming together, shows that we have lots to look forward to. 

“I would urge people to join the launch on the Grand Pier as we all look forward to a brighter future.”

The 45-minute TV quality carol service features drone footage across the town, upbeat Christmas carols, poetry, and good news readings from mayor Mark Canniford and more.

Carols will be broadcast at 5.30pm and 7.30pm on the YouTube Channel at 

ROC WSM was set up in February this year with the aim of making Weston and Worle a kinder and safer place.

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With 180 representatives from business, police, NHS, all councils, schools, colleges, charities, community groups and churches, it aims to bring people together to do non-stop initiatives of hope and good news for the years to come.

Mayor Mark Canniford said: “ROC WSM has already done inspirational work on the ground in just a few months in Weston, and this is a fantastic way to end a gloomy year in many ways.

“They are bringing much-needed hope and help to residents, and this Christmas carols concert on the Grand Pier reminds us that we are all stronger together.

"Things will get better and there are people around who really care.”

ROC WSM has spent nine months bringing together groups and initiatives to help desperate people in need during Covid-19 and the lockdowns.

There were thousands of acts of kindness delivering shopping, collecting prescriptions and providing telephone support given to help those in need with ongoing initiatives such as tele mentoring.

ROC WSM leaders Dave and Penny Hynds said: “This Christmas Carol celebration will end the year with some much-needed good news and hope.

“2020 has been a devastating year for so many, with Covid-19 causing massive disruption to peoples lives.

"We want everyone to know that there are people fighting for them and wanting to help make a safer and kinder community.”

ROC WSM has worked closely with the Violence Reduction Unit which has given  £16,000 to a telementoring service for vulnerable young people and has already set up a £4,000 scheme to help local people to set up initiatives to make communities safer.

In 2021, its plans include projects to address food poverty and waste.

The Christmas carol service is welcomed and supported by the Grand Pier, North Somerset Council, Weston Town Council, local churches and other community groups.

The Grand Pier will host a virual Christmas Lights 2020 switch on.

The Grand Pier will host the ROC Weston Christmas carol concert. - Credit: Grand Pier

Michelle Michael, director of the Grand Pier, said: “The Grand Pier fully supports this wonderful initiative.

"It’s really important that businesses back communities and we are thrilled to provide the Grand Pier as the backdrop for this musical celebration at this special time of year.”

Rev Tom Yacomeni said: “Despite 2020 being such a hard year for so many people, it has also been a brilliant year in terms of the community pulling together and supporting one another. 

“Just as Christ was born into darkness and the tough circumstances of the first Christmas, we can have hope that despite our present difficulties, love and light will surely prevail.”

For more information on ROC Weston super Mare visit the Facebook page or email 


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