Woman rescued after falling in sand dunes during high winds

BARB crew Wayne Kilgallon and Sam Mason.

BARB crew Wayne Kilgallon and Sam Mason. - Credit: Archant

The search for a missing person in sand dunes this morning (Sunday, March 10) prompted voluntary life savers into action.

Posting on social media, Burnham Area Rescue Boat (BARB) says its search and rescue team was called out at around 8am to help Burnham Coastguard Rescue Team in the search.

It is believed that a woman suffered a fall in strong winds in the sand dunes at Berrow beach while walking her dogs and was unsure of her exact location.

BARB sent two teams of volunteers with 4x4 and multi-terrain vehicles to the scene.

BARB says the woman was found and carried on a stretcher by their crews and coastguards to a waiting ambulance.

In a Facebook post, a spokesman for BARB said: “This was another great example of close team working for a successful conclusion. Our thoughts are with the lady for a swift recovery.”