Bikers dicing with death

YOUNG bikers in Clevedon are risking their lives by racing around an abandoned quarry.

YOUNG bikers in Clevedon are risking their lives by racing around an abandoned quarry.

Youngsters are taking their scrambling bikes into Conygar Quarry, off Nortons Wood Lane, and police fear there could soon be a serious accident.

Residents are also concerned about their safety as the bikers tear down Nortons Wood Lane, which is regularly used by dog walkers and horse riders.

Police officers are warning youngsters that there bikes will be quashed if they are caught riding in the quarry.

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Clevedon PCSO, Elle French, said: "Local residents are concerned about bikers going up into the quarry and using it as scrambling ground.

"It's dangerous for the bikers and it's dangerous for people living nearby.

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"You need a death wish to even get into the quarry past the corrugated iron gates but the scramblers have made their own entrance by pulling back part of the fence.

"The noise from the bikes is quite bad and it's causing issues with local residents.

"After they've used the quarry they come down and speed along Nortons Wood Lane.

"It's very worrying for dog walkers and people on horses who could get seriously injured if they are hit."

The problem is become worse now the evenings are getting lighter and police say they are regularly called out at weekends and during the summer months.

Bikers have also been caught in the Clevedon Hall Estate, Elton Road.

Police officers are now sending out notices warning scramblers that anyone caught in the quarry could have their bike quashed.

A resident of Nortons Wood Lane, who did not want to be named, said: "We are very concerned about what's happening in the area.

"The scramblers are causing a danger to themselves and to everyone else who uses the road.

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