CCG agrees £1bn deal for adult health services

BNSSG CCG and Sirona chief executives Julia Ross and Janet Rowse signing the contract with Sirona ch

BNSSG CCG and Sirona chief executives Julia Ross and Janet Rowse signing the contract with Sirona chairman Simon Knighton and Dr Jon Hayes, clinical chair of CCG. Picture: BBC - Credit: BBc

A £1billion deal has been struck for a health organisation to provide care across the West of England.

Sirona care & health will be paid £100million a year for the next decade for services ranging from diabetes support to physiotherapy that are delivered by several organisations at the moment.

It was announced as the highest scoring bidder for the contract in July and was confirmed this week after checks of its business case and references.

Julia Ross, chief executive of NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG said: "Our vision, alongside Sirona's, is to develop services that will give our skilled community workforce the opportunity to provide much more joined-up care for everyone using them.

"That means better experiences and better health outcomes for everyone in the future."

She said it was a 'big ask' for Sirona, currently a small provider for the CCG, to be taking on such a major contract, but Ms Ross is confident it will 'hit the ground running' when it takes over in April.

She added: "A safe transfer is the first and most critical thing.

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"We will have to give the transformation time.

"The first test will be that no-one falls down a crack that wasn't there before, and that services don't fall over.

"That's got to be our first focus."

Sirona for the next 10 years will take charge of adult community health services in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

This will include therapy, rehabilitation work and specialist support.

Sirona chief executive Janet Rowse said: "Involving staff and partner organisations in our decision-making is also a huge part of how we work, and we are keen to meet as many people as possible, listen to their views and plan together in the coming months.

"There is a huge opportunity for improvement over the next decade, ensuring that community services are easier to access and offering much more proactive care to ensure that people remain independent and well in their communities.

"Our first priority, working with the CCG, is to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for current service users and staff."