Cancer diagnosis inspires Weston body-builder to climb Snowdon for charity

Keiran Sage. Picture: MARK ATHERTON

Keiran Sage. Picture: MARK ATHERTON - Credit: Archant

A Weston-super-Mare body builder with stage two cancer will climb Mount Snowdon to raise awareness about Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Keiran Sage, aged 22, was diagnosed in September after he began experiencing shooting pains in his shoulder.

Biopsies in his chest and neck revealed the cancer was spreading rapidly and he started chemotherapy in October.

Keiran says he wanted to do something to raise awareness about the illness before the treatment made it too difficult.

He said: “I wanted to do something which was challenging but doable. I can’t run a marathon at this point but climbing Snowdon is something I can achieve.

“I think the climb will be an amazing accomplishment. It would be difficult for someone in good health, let alone someone with cancer.”

As a keen fitness enthusiast, who rarely drinks and does not smoke, Keiran says his first question was ‘why me?’

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He said: “Cancer is the last thing I would have expected. I nearly missed the symptoms of my illness because I thought my muscles were just sore from training.

“I don’t want it to happen to someone else.

“I want to raise awareness about Hodgkin’s lymphoma because, if I hadn’t discovered my illness, it could have killed me.”

Keiran is planning to climb Mount Snowdon with four friends later this month and says his family were initially concerned about him undertaking climb.

He added: “My friends were really supportive and wanted to help. They know how driven and determined I am and they know I’ll make it.

“I am very excited about the climb. It gives me something to work towards and allows me to make a positive out of a negative situation.”

Keiran has been documenting his experiences on his YouTube channel, with the aim of helping other people.

He said: “I want to motivate, inspire and educate people about cancer. I want to help people through a difficult time as it can be very scary being diagnosed with cancer.”

Keiran has yet to decide which worthy charity to complete his climb for.

For more information, or to sponsor him, visit Keiran’s GoFundMe page at