Bosses’ bail money race

SEVEN bosses will be seen as never before when they are cuffed and locked behind bars.

But these business owners haven’t committee any dastardly deeds – and are actually volunteering to spend the day under lock and key.

They are all taking part in Boss in a Box, a new event organised by Weston Hospicecare in a bid to raise extra funds for the charity.

The bosses will be detained in cuffs next Thursday and sentenced by judge and jury before being locked up on Weston’s HMP Grand Pier.

After completing some games on the pier’s rides to gain points, the bosses will then be locked up for two hours in a life-size prison cell.

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With only their Filofax and mobile phone for company, the inmates will be allowed to make unlimited calls to raise the �400 bail money within the time limit.

If they raise the cash before the two hours is up, they can continue on their fund-raising quest to rake in extra money for the hospice.

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A hospice spokesperson said: “Two hours should be plenty of time to polish their pleas to passersby but also be reliant on their own colleagues, contacts and friends to get them out of there.

“They will be encouraged to make the most of what they know, as well as contacting everyone who they know.”

People who fancy watching the bosses playing their get out of jail card are welcome to pop along to the pier, either to watch the activities from 10.30am or from 1pm when they will be locked up.

Weston Hospicecare is also holding the jailbreak event from April 23-24, when people will take part in the ultimate challenge to beg, blag or borrow transport to get as far away from Burnham Police Station in 24 hours without spending a single penny.

Anyone who would like to take part in this challenge can ring 01934 423965 or visit




Name: Gill Young.

Age: 56.

Company: Weston Hospicecare, chief executive officer.

Address: Nore Road, Portishead.

Reasons for taking part: “To support a cause I believe in passionately and show my support for a great fund-raising team.

“I came into hospice care nearly 25 years after the care my father received and have worked in and around hospices ever since.”

Inmate quote: “As the new CEO here at Weston I am slightly(!) worried that the team have something special up their sleeve for me!”

Bail target: �1,000.




Name: Mark Hands.

Age: 37.

Company and position: Doubletree by Hilton – Cadbury House Hotel.

Address: Worle

Reasons for taking part: “To raise money for this fantastic charity and to hopefully make a difference to the life or lives of local people.

“Weston Hospicecare is a fantastic local hospice which not only provides the basics but they go the extra mile and provide the local touch. Making the difference to not only those living with a life-limiting illness but also their families”

Inmate quote: “I am not worried as justice will happen in the end as it always does.”

Bail target: �500.




Name: Terry Gilbert.

Age: 65.

Company: North Somerset Enterprise Agency, manager.

Address: Hutton Hill, Hutton.

Reasons for taking part: “I always support Weston Hospicecare as it is wonderful and has just helped two close friends.”

Inmate quote: “Terry will be helping the police with their enquiries - again!”

Bail target: At least �400.




Name: Matthew Dolling.

Age: 29.

Company: System Clenz, director.

Address: Weston.

Reasons for taking part: “Because it sounded a fun and fantastic way to raise money for a local charity.

“I am supporting Weston Hospicecare because of all the fantastic work it does in my local area. I also understand how much money needs to be raised every year and by me contributing one day can help so much.”

Inmate quote: “I wonder what I’ll be made to do!”

Bail target: �400 minimum.




Name: Edward Creswick.

Age: 40.

Company: Annagram Team, director.

Address: Cookson Close, Burnham.

Reasons for taking part: “It is good to give something back and help raise the profile of Weston Hospicecare.

“It is a fantastic organisation which touches people’s lives at a time when they most need it. “We are a local firm and this is a local charity that we are really proud to now be associated with.”

Inmate quote: “I’m feeling excited and proud at the same time. Most of my supporters however have sponsored me to stay in. An estate agent in jail really gets people’s attention!”

Bail target: �600.




Name: Alistair Mead.

Age: 33.

Company: Puxton Ltd, managing director.

Address: Wick St Lawrence, Weston.

Reasons for taking part: “I enjoy helping others, and this is an ideal opportunity to help this local charity.”

Inmate quote: “Feeling a bit nervous but hopefully should be a bit of fun.”

Bail target: �400.




Name: Paul Butchers.

Age: 44.

Company: Cadbury Garden and Leisure, store manager.

Address: Stonewell Park Road, Congresbury.

Reasons for taking part: “Hopefully this will be a fun way to raise money for a very worthwhile charity.

“Weston Hospicecare means so much to so many people. Supporting the charity enables them to continue to provide their highly skilled medical and nursing care free of charge.”

Inmate quote: “Colleagues at work are more likely to want to pay to keep me in the box!”

Bail target: �400.

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