Boy gets ASBO after nine years of complaints

THIS is the face of the 15-year-old boy who has been handed an ASBO for stealing from his neighbours, joyriding and throwing excrement at children

THIS is the face of the 15-year-old boy who has been handed an ASBO for stealing from his neighbours, joyriding and throwing excrement at children.Dean Mason, of Hildesheim Close on the Potteries estate in Weston, appeared at North Somerset Courthouse in St Georges last week.Evidence in support of the antisocial behaviour order (ASBO), in the youth court, said Mason has appeared in court five times over the past year for offences including burglary, criminal damage and aggravated vehicle taking.Knightstone Housing also submitted statements on behalf of estate residents and said it had received complaints of antisocial behaviour, dating back as far as 1998, when Mason was aged just six.They included the following: * Throwing dog mess at children.* Throwing stones over fences and climbing over other people's fences to get into gardens. * Damaging play equipment. * Swearing and intimidating residents. * Stealing from neighbours' gardens.* Threatening to kill a neighbour's dog.* Threatening to smash a neighbour's windows.* Throwing stones at neighbours.* Assaulting neighbours.Avon and Somerset police's anti-social behaviour co-ordinator, Terry Crees, said: "This particular individual has caused numerous problems, both of a criminal and antisocial nature."We are grateful to the members of the Potteries estate who were prepared to come forward and provide the evidence and the court for recognising the intimidation and fear he caused in that area."Hopefully this will send a clear message that we will target anyone who causes antisocial behaviour in North Somerset and, if appropriate, work with the housing authorities to move them out of the community.All the evidence of criminal and antisocial behaviour was accepted by Mason and he was handed a two-year ASBO. For the first time in North Somerset the police have included a condition that he must not enter an enclosed premises of another residential property or garden between Hildesheim Close and Langford Road. This would mean that if Mason entered a neighbour's house or garden he would face a criminal prosecution for breaching the order.The conditions also include not to cause or incite others to cause alarm or distress and not to ride or drive any motorised vehicle unless in accordance with a licence.

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