Weston mum ‘touched’ by students’ fundraising efforts for her son’s trike

Oliver and Sam with Tyler. Picture: Kelly Pope

Oliver and Sam with Tyler. Picture: Kelly Pope - Credit: Kelly Pope

A Weston-super-Mare mum is calling on people to help raise money so her 10-year-old son can realise his dream and ride a bike for the first time.

Tyler Cuddeford was diagnosed with developmental coordination disorder and dyspraxia three years ago after struggling at home and in school.

The Mead Vale Primary School pupil has difficulty with his memory and balance, making everyday tasks a challenge.

His mum, Kelly Pope, said: “Simple things which most people take for granted like walking to the shop, crossing the road and riding a bike is very difficult for Tyler.

“He struggles with balance and his motor skills are very limited.

“Tyler has an increased delayed reaction, so if he was going to fall off a bike he would hit the floor before his brain would react to tell his to stop himself.”

His condition makes it impossible for him to balance himself on a two-wheeled bike and the youngster gets ‘extremely upset’ not being able to enjoy a bike ride with his brothers.

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Hating to see her son upset, Kelly set up a fundraising campaign to raise £850 to buy a tricycle or pedal quad bike so her son can take his first bike ride and enjoy a popular pastime.

Kelly added: “The difference this will make to Tyler’s lifestyle will be unbelievable. This would improve his confidence greatly – he always puts himself down, calling himself stupid because he cannot do it.

“I would love to see him without second guessing himself just go out in the garden jump on his bike and start riding - without the tears and anxiousness.”

Two of Tyler’s school friends have already backed his campaign and will be taking on a momentous challenge to help raise the money.

Oliver and Sam Morgan will complete an aquathon – made up of a 250m swim and a 5km run – at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, in Hutton Moor Road, on October 6.

Kelly told the Mercury the brothers had been a ‘huge support’ to Tyler at school and she was ‘touched’ by their ‘kindness’.

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