Bristol Airport asks travellers to wear face masks

Freedom day: Bristol Airport asks passengers to wear face masks

Bristol Airport will encourage visitors to wear face masks and use the NHS track and trace app when inside its terminal. - Credit: @BristolAirport

Bristol Airport has said it will still ask travellers to wear masks and obey other social distancing rules after July 19's Freedom Day.

As part of phase four of the Government's lockdown roadmap, most social distancing rules have been scrapped past the freedom date - meaning it is no longer mandatory for people to wear face masks indoors.

Despite this, many companies will ask customers to continue wearing facemasks on their premises to reduce the risk of spreading Covid.

A statement released by the airport said: "From July 19, we ask all customers to continue to wear a face mask in the terminal, unless they are exempt."

It added that masks can be removed 'whilst having something to eat or drink within the bars or restaurants'.

Other rules have been relaxed, in accordance with Government guidelines.

People helping passengers who need special assistance, or waiting for family and friends, can now enter the terminal - whilst wearing a mask.

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In addition to this, people will be 'encouraged' to use the NHS Covid-19 app to track close contacts.

A spokesman added: "Bristol Airport, the same as other airports and airlines, will continue to take every measure possible to ensure health is protected, including enhanced cleaning procedures and maintaining social distancing when possible.

"Face masks will remain an essential element of these measures and will be required for both international and domestic flights.

"We will continue to encourage customers to download and use the NHS Covid-19 app and to scan the QR codes featured on posters displayed throughout the airport to assist with the government’s Track and Trace system."

The 'one metre plus' social distancing rule has been largely lifted, although it will still apply in airports such as Bristol's to reduce interactions between travellers from high-risk countries.

These countries are determined by the Government's traffic light system which is changed regularly.

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