May 17: Bristol Airport 'disappointed' with green list

Bristol Airport.

Bristol Airport's CEO Dave Lees said he was "disappointed" with the limited number of countries placed on the Government's green list. - Credit: Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport's chief executive says he is disappointed with the limited number of countries on the Government's green list for air travel.

In total, 12 countries were unveiled by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, all of which require no quarantine period upon returning to the UK from May 17.

Dave Lees believes this is a positive step but expects more countries to be added at a later date.

Mr Lees said: "Confirming the list of green countries is another small step forward to safely resuming international travel from May 17 onward.

"The initial list is disappointing, offering a limited number of destinations being placed on the green list.

"With the worldwide vaccination programme, we expect more countries to be added to the green list in the coming months. This will provide surety and confidence to customers in arranging the long-awaited family visit, a well-deserved holiday or business trip."

Dave Lees, left, and Liam Fox MP, right, both back calls for Covid-19 testing at Bristol Airport. Pi

Dave Lees, left, and Liam Fox MP, right, both back calls for Covid-19 testing at Bristol Airport. Picture taken pre-Covid. - Credit: Liam Fox MP

Gibraltar, Portugal, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Iceland, Brunei and the Faroe Islands, as well as several British Overseas Territories are on the green list.

Each of these countries holds its own regulations in regards to who can enter their countries.

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Bristol Airport's boss added: The aviation sector has been devastated by the pandemic and Bristol Airport, along with airports across the UK, has never had the opportunity to recover during what continues to be the most challenging period in our history."

Research conducted by the Airport Operators Association (AOA) reveals that all green listed countries accounted for just 5.5 per cent of passengers over the summer months of July-August in 2019.

AOA's chief executive, Karen Dee shared Dave Lees frustrations at the limited number of countries that made the list.

Ms Dee said: "Given the success of the UK’s vaccine roll-out, it is disappointing that so few countries are on the green list. This is not yet the meaningful, four-nation restart UK airports and the economy need.

“UK airports are ready to welcome back passengers from May 17, with high levels of health and hygiene measures in place, and we welcome confirmation that international travel will resume."

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