'Bubbly' mum found dead in bed

A DOTING mother found dead in her bedroom by her fiancee has left a big hole in the lives of her parents and partner.

A DOTING mother found dead in her bedroom by her fiancee has left a 'big hole' in the lives of her parents and partner.

Ann-Marie Jeffries died in September last year at her home in Worthington Close in Wedmore while she slept.

The mother-of-two had an abnormal heart rhythm and died of natural causes, but had not shown any signs of illness before her death. She was found the following morning by fiancee Ian Jeffries, who was lying next to her.

Hundreds of people queued outside St Mary's Church when a service was held was held after Ann-Marie's death.

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Her father, Ron Boult, aged 76, said: "There must have been more than 200 people there. They had to queue outside the door of St Mary's Church and we ran out of cards for mourners to sign."

Ann-Marie's partner Ian said: "She was very beautiful and had a bubbly personality. She was always smiling and had lots of friends in the village."

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The former hairdresser started work at Wedmore Playgroup after she had her two children, Ryan, aged 12, from a previous marriage, and three-year-old Jodi, who she had with Ian.

The couple had lived together for seven years and were planning to get married. Ann-Marie had already changed her surname and Ryan's in preparation.

Ian, aged 40, is now a full-time parent and left work after Ann-Marie died. He said: "She will be terribly missed by all of us. Her death has left a big hole in our lives.

"It was a terrible tragedy, but if there is a plus side, it is that the children were staying at Ann-Marie's parents when she died.

"The only thing that has kept me going is looking after the children, but Jodi often still asks where Mummy is."

But Ann-Marie's parents, Anne and Ron Boult of Blackford, say their granddaughter Jodi is the spitting image of their only child.

Anne, aged 77, said: "Jodi is just like her mother and won't be told. She is exactly the same as Ann, full of mischief."

The former Blackford Primary School, Hugh Sexey's and Kings of Wessex student loved music, horse riding and was a member of the young farmers. She was a keen piano and organ player and met Ian at one of his band's performances in Wedmore Village Hall.

The family is hoping to have a bench and plaque placed at Wedmore Cemetery later this year, paid for with donations taken at the service and from Wedmore Playgroup.

An inquest into her death gave the official verdict as natural causes after a cardiac arrhythmia.

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