Bus provides cheap night to Bristol

REVELLERS from Weston will soon find it much easier to get home after a night out in Bristol.

REVELLERS from Weston will soon find it much easier to get home after a night out in Bristol.

A new bus service, to run at weekends, will transport people between the seaside town and the nearby city from the evening into the early hours of the morning.

The bus will start making trips at 8.45pm on a Friday and Saturday and will finish at 4.30am.

There will be six stops at Weston's Big Lamp Corner, Worle High Street, Congresbury, Cleeve, Backwell and The Hippodrome in the centre of Bristol.

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A single journey will cost £5 and a night saver return ticket will cost £7.50.

Currently, anyone who wants to spend an evening out in Bristol has to pay around £50 for a taxi there and back from the centre of Weston.

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The idea was thought up by the owners of photographic website In One Spin, 31-year-old Steven Minor, Stephen Wade, aged 34, and 21-year-old Daniel Spooner.

All three take pictures in night clubs in Weston and Bristol and then sell them online.

Mr Minor said: "We came up with the idea after a lot of people we met in town said they found it very difficult to get home after a night out.

"Taxi fares can be very expensive and the existing bus services do not run late into the night.

"A lot of people said they would travel more between Weston and Bristol if a cheaper service was offered."

However, the idea has not proved popular with some bar owners in Weston.

The owner of Destiny Bar in Beach Road, Andreas Macrides, said: "I am dead against the idea.

"This service will make it so much easier for people to take their trade to Bristol rather than spending money in their own town."

The owner of Seven, in Beach Road, Vas Siangolis, said: "I would like to know how they are going to ensure the driver is kept safe.

"We have to have security officers in our bar due to the effect alcohol can have on people."

A second bus service to be set up by In One Spin will start on January 28.

It will run during the day from Monday to Saturday and will transport people between the Bournville estate and the town centre every 20 minutes for a small fare of 70p.

Its first stop will be at 7.45am on the Bournville estate and its final drop-off will be on the estate at 5.45pm.

Mr Minor said the day buses had been set up to give people living on the Bournville estate a cut-price way of getting into the centre of town.

To find out more about the services log on to www.inonespin.com

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