Business park to off-set carbon emissions

New builds at the Stables Business Park

The proposed new development at Stables Business Park, Rooksbridge. - Credit: Stables Business Park

A business park in Somerset will plant more trees to expand a 'mini forest' on its grounds by the spring.

Stables Business Park in Rooksbridge near Brent Knoll, is set to make the park 'as green as possible'.

The moves comes after the recent international COP26 summit, where world leaders promised to end deforestation by the year 2030.

Nearly 2,000 trees will expand the park's existing wood this winter. This is on top of a further 5,000 trees planted earlier this year.

Hinkley Connection will help to fund the cost of the new plantation at the business park.

Hinkley Connection will help to fund the cost of the new plantation at the business park. - Credit: Stables Business Park

Funding the eco-friendly plan will be grants awarded by a joint infrastructure project called Hinkley Connection.

The off-site planting and mitigation scheme, it is led by the new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C being built in the area, and will work with other industry names such as National Grid, Western Power and EDF.

In charge of the move to re-wild the business park is proprietor Tom Dally. He said securing grants for the project was vital in making the park a greener place to work.

The proposed Hinkley C power plant.

The proposed Hinkley C power plant. - Credit: Archant

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He said: "The Hinkley Connection plantation is already the single largest planting undertaken so far in the policy of increasing reforestation and is set to grow larger.

"It goes without saying that COP26 stressed the importance of planting trees to improve the environment and encourage wildlife back into these spaces."

The scheme also aims at increasing local biodiversity by planting native trees.

A spokesperson for Hinkley Connection said: "We're already engaged with landowners and making the scheme available to those in the close vicinity. 

"Wherever possible we will use native species such as oak, willow, hazel, hawthorn and maple to create woods and to infill the existing hedges."

A national charity has also recently moved into the business park.

The National Autistic Society is the country's leading organisation helping autistic adults live independently.

It will conduct its regional operations for the South West from the park, near to its residential care buildings in Burnham. 

Carly Jarvis, interim area manager for the South West at the National Autistic Society, said the offices were ideally located for the staff.

She said: “It’s the perfect base for our work across the South West. We particularly like the parkland style, with its trees and green spaces which make the location very pleasant."

Stables Business Park opened close to the A38 at Edithmead in 2005.