April 12 opening day: Sovereign Centre plans to shake-up Weston high street

April 12: Weston's Sovereign Centre reopens

To mark April 12's reopening, three Sovereign Centre stores have been given makeovers in a project led by Weston Artspace. - Credit: Weston Artspace

As non-essential retail across North Somerset reopens today (Monday), Weston's Sovereign Centre does so with a bright and promised future ahead, according to its manager.

Recently, it was announced by North Somerset Council that the shopping centre, which it owns, would receive funding of £1.7million for repurposing.

Manager, Jon Walton is optimistic that, as the UK Government's Covid roadmap brings the town out of lockdown, the centre will offer an 'enjoyable space for residents in the years to come.

Mr Walton said: "Our goal is to put an emphasis on customers enjoying themselves when shopping.

"We have had a lot of interest - footfall has risen by 25 per cent in the last week or so. Businesses and staff are excited to be reopening."

Sovereign Centre manager Jon Walton.

Sovereign Centre manager Jon Walton. - Credit: Paul Blakemore

During a council meeting earlier in the year, councillor Ash Cartman envisaged the centre to be a ‘shopping, working and leisure space’. 

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One area of planned investment to make this possible will be redesigning the centre's rooftop terrace to allow for events and music gigs.

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Mr Walton added: "There is a lot of investment coming so keep your eyes peeled. We are planning more events for June and July. 

"The kid's TV show Brainiac will run some workshops during the summer. It will be fun and educational but we are also looking to work with local businesses to help each other out.

"The Sovereign Centre will be supporting businesses in this wonderful town and is looking to provide a fantastic partnership which offers residents a positive experience and gets visitors exploring other stores."

Non-essential retail opens in Weston

Weston's Sovereign Centre's manager has stated exciting plans are in place for the 'wonderful town'. - Credit: Weston Artspace

Following Monday's reopening, the centre's full range of shops are back, serving customers from 9am to 5.30pm from Monday to Sunday and 10.30am to 4.30pm on Sunday.

To reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, the Government has stated that stores 'should only be visited alone or with household groups'.

For more information on the shopping centre and its stores, log on to www.sovereign-centre.co.uk